Published on 08/30/2018 10:24 pm
How to Find the Best Public Adjusters in Texas

Searching for public adjustersAfter a natural disaster, public adjusters often flock to a community in an effort to find customers. These public adjusters know people are desperate, and many homeowners will hire the first public adjuster who gives them a good sales pitch.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best way to find a qualified public adjuster.

That’s why instead, a growing number of Texans are turning to online search services like ClaimsMate. These no-cost, online search services are available across the state. They function as a directory of licensed, qualified public adjusters serving communities across the state. Instead of hiring the first public adjuster who comes to your door, you can connect to a network of professionals who have been handpicked and individually vetted.

ClaimsMate is Texas’s leading public adjuster search platform. Featuring an extensive network of licensed adjusters across the state, ClaimsMate wants to help policyholders maximize compensation on their claim after an incident. Thanks to ClaimsMate, Texans across the state have been able to secure additional compensation of an average 70% higher than the compensation initially offered by the insurance company. Whether you’re dealing with a natural disaster or a serious home insurance claim, you can depend on ClaimsMate to connect you with qualified public adjusters in your community.  

Visit today to find a licensed public adjuster serving your Texas community. The search service is available in small and large communities across the state.

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